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letshaveapantsoffdanceoff asked: Hey there! Quick question - what material did you construct your Carniflex/paladin out of?

I worked with eva foam of different thickness, cause I never worked with wood- that would have been better, i think… a lot more accurate. When the eva foam model was finished (and sanded and primed) I made a silicone and plaster mold. Then the replicas were done in urethane resin, but I added pretty a lot of microspheres to the compound to lighten the weight of the guns… and they still are pretty heavy!

tokkafan4life asked: When your girlfriend is doing her Liara cosplay you made her, how well can can she hear?

Not perfectly! she hear muffled sounds and voices, so when she’s in a crowded place I have to chase her cause she can’t hear the guys that wants a photo with her… Sometimes she seems a bit dazed :D but usually she hears pretty enough to understand everything :)

t1g3r717y asked: Hi there! I've been tracking your asari headpieces all across the internet. Could I buy one?

Hello :) of course, I’m selling these. I can paint it for you if you tell me which character you’re cosplaying, or you can paint it yourself. The second option is a bit cheaper.

digitalovemon asked: How's your comic doing? Figure I ask since I know you been working on it for awhile

Hi! I’m currently stuck on fifth page. I don’t know how much time It will take to show you something, but now that lucca comics is gone hopefully I’ll have more time to work on the comic!

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